The Game Nerd Cometh

It is still a vivid image. I pulled back that shiny green and red paper to finally break through and see the fresh, but already familiar, logo. It was a logo I had seen countless times before in the dingy, six-machine game room of the local grocery store. I kept swearing I could hear Mario calling to me from the box while I was forced to sit through a holiday dinner I had no time for. Nintendo had entered my life completely.

Nintendo Dustin

Me in the 80's. Oblivious to anything but 8-bits.

I do wish I could say I knew I wanted to be a game designer since that fateful day, but my path meandered from baseball prospect to garbage man to oil fields to Hollywood and all forms of pit stops in between. A slow beginning in Graphic Design followed by a few tyrannical, non-deodorant wearing bosses — Okay, it was just one non-deodorant wearing boss, but you get the gist — led me into the polygonal arms of Computer Animation. Straddling the animation line between production and gaming was how I spent the infancy of my career. After a brief stint working with one of my childhood idol’s company on an award winning children’s show, I came to a crossroads of that line.

“A hundred miles long, and an inch deep.”

That is how I felt about my fledgling career. I had a wealth of knowledge, but no true deep ends to my talent pool. That had to change. Along came mobile gaming. Combined with a retro gaming passion, my gaming senses slowly began evolving into a long awaited burst of cohesive ideas and artistic flourishing.

Following the mighty Mississippi north, I somehow ended up literally feeling Minnesota. A Craigslist ad later and AntEye Games was spawned.

AntEye Games is the start of waking myself up in the middle of a childhood dream and forcing it to be real. It is an honor to get to begin the journey with two teammates that exude the same excitement and passion for quality gaming and endless ideas. We already have a plethora of ideas in the barrel and I am ecstatic to see how these seeds blossom.

This brief, goofy introduction post should serve as telling for my future thoughts and posts. Hopefully, it won’t come across too pompous, but will reinforce just how much I love creating, playing, and living video games. From here, I will share my art process, design methods, and whatever other relate-able silliness I can come up with to entertain the masses.

I truly hope everyone will enjoy…

AntEye Games!