Update and Eye Candy

We are now on Twitter as #AntEyeGames with 62..er, make that 64 followers. Our first goal is to reach 100 followers by this weekend (April 27). If you are on Twitter and can send some indie game appreciators and reviewers/PR our way, we’d be grateful.

We are still working on getting some visual details and scoring mechanics feeling just right, but the game itself is very close to ready for a first round of beta testing!

There are a couple technical things I still have to do before testing can begin:

  • Laura had the great idea to collect information from the test players to see how well they can understand and play the game. I am going to automate this by having the game anonymously submit high scores from each tester.
  • Historically, app testers on Apple devices had to mess around with Provisioning Profiles and .ipa files and all that. I’m the engineer and any mention of Provisioning Profiles makes me want to shoot myself. Nowadays, Apple supports an “over-the-air” delivery of apps, which means we’ll be able to email our testers a link so they can download the app right to their devices in one click. I do have to do some work to get this feature working in our automated build system.

Now, away from the technical stuff and on to the eye candy. This is an early screenshot of gameplay and may or may not reflect the final game:

Screenshot of an alpha version of Equilibria

Radioactive cloud not final

Finally, here’s a visualization of my work to date on the source code for Equilibria. This visualization was rendered using Gource on my Git commit log.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon.


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